Message from Dr. Michael Fung

"We are looking forward to re-opening the office and will be sending out a notice when this will take place.  In the interim, please stay safe and healthy.


I know many of you are concerned about the spread of Covid-19 from the Pacific Dental Conference held March 5 to 7.  Two of my staff attended and self isolated as instructed by health officials and the College of Dental Surgeons of B. C.  Their self isolation has now passed without any sign of illness.  Thankfully, we are all healthy.

Regarding the shutting of my office, dentists have been instructed by the College of Dental Surgeons of B. C. to cease doing all elective and non-essential services to minimize close contact with patients for both the safety of patients and staff.  Dentists have also been instructed to manage emergent concerns requiring immediate treatment due to infection, acute pain and/or trauma. Should you have any dental concerns or problems, please contact me at home 604-266-0371 or cell 604-644-0372 and I will gladly take your call.

New Patients

Our practice is prevention-oriented. New patients will receive a thorough examination; followed by a consultation with an individual treatment plan and estimates. Plaque control, cleaning, polishing, fluoride and preventive care will be offered when appropriate. A friendly reminder will be e-mailed or patients will be phoned when it is time to return for hygiene care and to ensure regular and optimal maintenance.

Patient Comforts

Below is a list of services and items we provide to make each patient as comfortable as possible during their appointment

  • Wide selection of up-to-date magazines to enjoy in our waiting area.

  • HD TVs available in each treatment room

  • Reception Area has an HD TV as well as a Blue Ray player for children to watch movies while waiting for their appointment or other family members

  • Aquarium in reception area 

  • Fleecy Blankets

  • Wireless Headset to listen to TV or music during appointment

  • 3M Fluoride Varnish 

  • Tooth paste samples

  • Back massage feature in the dental chair can be activated during your treatment

  • Adjustable head rest and additional neck support if needed

  • Wheel-chair accessible washrooms and patient treatment rooms

  • Latex-free environment (if allergies please let dentist know).

  • Sunglasses to reduce light glare 

  • Warm Towels after each visit


Besides all the regulated guidelines, we also use an independent water system (not connected to city water) using distilled water in each patient treatment room.  Our waterlines are disinfected nightly and flushed daily.  This is to prevent dental unit water line contamination, see the Journal of American Dentistry link for more information – preventing waterline contamination.  We provide waterline flushing, independent reservoirs and chemical treatment to protect our patients.


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