Initial Hygiene Visit

A comprehensive dental hygiene exam is provided.  The gum around each tooth is measured and radiographs are taken (*if required) this provides information about the overall health and prognosis for the gums and teeth.  The tissues are assessed for inflammation, bleeding and deposit levels (plaque and calculus).

Treatment Plan

After the initial visit, a treatment plan is presented to each patient and provides a detailed analysis of future needs for treatment and oral hygiene instruction.  We will discuss your dental concerns and also comfort levels to find a way to make your appointment as pleasant as possible. Usually, the hygiene visit is completed within 70 minutes but is dependent on the amount of deposit and level of difficulty. If more extensive cleaning is needed, more than one appointment may be required.  Once the initial hygiene treatment is completed,  an individualized maintenance program recommended to you.  The frequency for care can range from 3 to 12 months, depending on your individual’s needs.

Regular Hygiene Visits

Following the initial care, each subsequent visit your oral hygiene will be reassessed, and annually the periodontal probing measurements will be taken.  At these appointments, oral cancer screening is provided. The tissues are assessed for lumps/bumps or colour changes and anything outside the normal limits will be considered for referral to an oral medicine specialist. 


Our dental hygienists care about your oral health education and welcome any questions or concerns you may have.

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